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Intel® Modular Server Built on Intel® Multi-Flex Technology

A simple, flexible system that provides exceptional value

The Intel® Modular Server enables business in a box with seamless installation, migration, and growth capabilities. It has the ability to support up to six server compute modules and fourteen SAS 2.5" hard disk drives, as well as two Ethernet Switch Modules, integrated SAN, and a management module. The Intel Modular Server is a flexible and powerful system for the small to midsize business.


Product information

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The Intel® Modular Server product family consists of

Features and benefits

Scalable server compute capacity Supports up to six Multi-Core Intel® Xeon® dual processor-based server compute modules.
Virtual, integrated shared storage Diskless server compute modules utilize the integrated SAN with virtual drives to increase flexibility and maximize storage capacity. Purchase only what you need, when you need it.
Virtual presence GUI management Manage your system as if you were standing right in front of it with the Virtual Presence GUI Management Interface.
Integrated networking Dual Gb Ethernet switches offer ten 1 GbE uplinks per module.
Full redundancy and hot swap capabilities Hot-swappable server compute modules and storage drives let you increase capacity on-demand. Redundant modules and hot spare options improve IT availability of the Intel Modular Server.
Flexible power options Chassis power supplies can utilize 100-240V power, eliminating special power requirements worldwide. The consolidated power and cooling features reduce operating costs.
Increased IT uptime Redundant systems increase network uptime with failovers between servers and backups.
Easy application migration Shared storage and virtual drives provide for easy application and storage migration.
Grow-as-you-go flexibility With options for up to six server compute modules and up to fourteen storage drives, purchase only as much as you need when you need it.
Greater asset utilization Diskless server compute modules allow for maximum use of system assets.
Unique serviceability Hot-swappable components don't require any cables or tools to service.
Ease of Management One integrated system with end-to-end management lets you manage the entire system from a Web-based GUI interface.
Improved data protection Centralized backup and virtual access allow for greater data protection.

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